Completely OT but thought I should mention it

    • Anonymous
      December 11, 2009 at 10:49 am

      For anyone who shops at Target…

      (Long story short)

      I went to Target on Black Friday. They gave out coupons saying if you spent $100 you would get a $10 gift card. My grand total was $100.12.

      I went to use my gift card yesterday & was told it wasn’t valid. I was accused by the manager of stealing the gift card. Customer service told me my receipt id was to a receipt issued in 1994 in CA. They are saying there must be a glitch in the computer system and they cannot tell me if my credit card info is safe or not. (I paid with my card that day)

      So if you shop at Target, I would advise you to pay with cash for awhile.

      They are telling me since my sub-total wasn’t over $100 I cannot receive the gift card & they offered me three $3 coupons for my trouble. It cost me $5 to have my credit card canceled & to get a new one.

      I wrote an email to the CEO. We’ll see what happens.

      It’s just a reminder this holiday season to watch your credit card!