cidp or mctd?

    • September 27, 2014 at 12:59 am

      Hello. I’m new to this forum. Had gbs when I was 19. Complete paralysis for 1 month. Complete recovery after about two years except for minor droopy lip and no reflexes for about. 5 yrs. Next 35 yrs. Developed diabetes, fibromyalgia, ebv, fatty liver, hbp, chronic bronchitis/asthma and ibs. Now at age 57, recently diagnosed with mctd. Many similar symptoms and seems like similar causes. Wondering if anyone else who’s had gbs has gotten mctd and how do you know if its mctd or cidp since so many overlapping symptoms? Wondering if mctd can trigger a gbs/cidp relapse. This feels alot like the original gbs only milder. Would like to hear if anyone has any info on how these two similar diseases might co exist. Thx.