CIDP – Active Infection

    • Anonymous
      June 22, 2012 at 1:56 am

      It took 2 years, many Doctors and lots of research but we were able to prove our son’s CIDP was brought on by an active bartonella infection which he received from the bite of a woodlouse hunter spider. At first we were dismissed by infectious disease doctors and neurologists but my wife’s persistence paid off. She was able to discover a team at NCSU that has spent years proving bartonellas existence. Once the test came back positive and we were able to finally show progress by working with a Lyme literate Dr and using prescribed antibiotics. Our Neurologist came around to the reality. Bartonella can also be transferred from ticks, fleas, and maybe even more. If you are not seeing progress and you have symptoms that fall outside what they are telling you is CIDP (headaches, strange rashes, eye problems, neck pain, etc) then you need a new direction. Please visit our website at or join our FB page at beating bartonella.