• Anonymous
      May 7, 2010 at 7:55 pm

      Hi friends………….it’s been a while, I hope all are doing well. Thought I’d stop by and give you an update on Brandy. School is almost finished for this semester and then she will take a break until the nursing program begins. Mike and Brandy have bought their first home and are preparing for the arrival of the little one. They don’t want to know what sex the baby is so we all have to wait. Nana is excited as the only grandchild so far will be 14 in July………….it’s time for a baby. Brandy is doing well, only one incident, it seems as after GBS she dehydrates very quickly. I’ll send pictures once the baby arrives…………until then, I hope the sun shines brightly, that love fills your days and know that angels are watching over you.