another attorney shot me down

    • January 8, 2011 at 4:14 am

      Again not enough strong evidence. BUT this one at least gave me some advice to change that. He said to withdraw my current SSI case….see a therapist (doing that), get at least 2 or 3 drs to agree and back me up that they believe I am disabled based on my symptoms, get into see the pain management people, even suggested vocational rehab because if they review my case and read and hear about my symptoms they may say that in this economy there is nothing they can do for me (or maybe they can who knows), also said some other things but I dont recall them right now. Now my question is, if I withdraw the open case, how soon can I reopen it?? ANd will the process start all over like it did before, like a new case? I don’t mind the wait if it means I can get more to back my case up….it only took so long because no one would listen to me or offer me alternatives to just seeing a primary care doctor. I am going to beg the therapy clinic about seeing a rheumy and find out more about the pain place. Can’t take that tramadol because i am on wellbutrin so it looks like I am stuck with Norco or something like it. In fact I reacted horribly to every med change they did so I have to let them know. I am also going to ask about Xanax XR as a possibility.
      I tried explaining to the atty that I have more medical information and files that I can get for him, and tried explaining that the neuro was an ass and didn’t even bother testing for anything that SSI asked for (which I think would weigh heavily in my favor), but none of that seemed to matter for some reason. It is very discouraging and between getting that news and my snake passing away I have had a rough couple of days. Hurt everywhere, and trying to ignore the depression that is poking at me.
      I strongly do believe that it is a fibro overlap. Life has become so wonderful…ugh. Stay strong, push thru, and do the best I can right?

      Hope everyone else is having a better start to the new year.

      and to new members, welcome and so sorry you had to find us this way, but am glad you have a support group full of information and caring people.

    • Anonymous
      January 19, 2011 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Ya Lori,

      Was hoping for positive results with the attorney for you as you know I’m going through the same thing. I called the office the other day and the legal assistant that was assigned to my case no longer works there. So there are several young part-time students working with this big SS lawyer. This lawyer has a great reputation so I’m holding on to the faith that this will work out soon.

      I don’t have a clue of when/how to reopen a case or refile. I remember finding lots of helpful info on SS’s site.

      I’m begging for part-time jobs and almost got one… almost doesn’t pay the bills. Got an interview tomorrow and I think the hours may be too many (SS says you can work 25 hours a week while waiting). I’ve also discovered I have more wrong with me that probably isn’t related (I don’t have a clue). I have polycystic kidneys (from a CT scan when I thought I had appendix probs) and went to a free dental clinic yesterday and they said I have something on my throat that should be checked. So I’m almost believing I will die before I get SS. Depression is not only knocking on my door but every window…

      I too am sorry for the newbies reading this stuff. Hopefully they will learn to keep documents and if there are problems years later to get to a lawyer ASAP.

      Now I got snow/sleet tomorrow for my drive to an interview – oh joy!