3 years out–Success!

    • Anonymous
      May 29, 2013 at 2:32 pm

      I was hit with GBS on May 17th, 2010. Went from upright and fine to total paralysis in 6 hours. Coma for 2 1/2 weeks and didn’t regain full consciousness till 2 months later. Another 7 or so months in hospitals and rehab facilities. Then 6 months of out-patient rehab. At one point I wasn’t sure that I would ever walk again. It just seemed so unreal at the time. I worked in communications, built and maintained communication towers (TV, cell phone etc). I also rode a motorcycle almost everywhere I went.
      I told my neurologist there were two things I wanted to be able to do again………ride my BMW, and climb a tower again.
      He told me “the BMW….maybe, but you’ll never climb a tower again”.

      Well 4 weeks ago I helped a local amateur radio club repair an antenna on a 70′ tower. I didn’t have to go up the tower but just wanted to try. I made it–it was tough, I used to climb 500′ in the time I did to go 70′. But I made it. (I sent my doc a pic of me up that tower) I also rode my BMW a couple of Saturdays ago. Not far, maybe 12 miles or so but it sure felt good. One of my PT’s told me she didn’t think I could ever drive my manual transmission truck again, much less ride my bike again. But with God’s grace and the prayers and support of a loving wife, family and friends I have made it thus far. There is indeed life after and with GBS!