10 years and going strong

    • Anonymous
      August 8, 2009 at 6:32 pm

      Hi friends…………I know it’s been a while since my last post but as promised I would check in every once in a while and leave an update about Brandy. It’s hard to believe that 10 years have past since that awful day of learning my little girl had GBS. Although affected twice, Brandy has come along way never once letting go of her goal to become a pediatric nurse. With ther bachelor’s degree now under her belt she is back at school to earn her RN. The week before her 10th anniversary of GBS her older sister got married and Brandy being her maid of honor was honored to give a speech. I had managed to control my tears up until that point but seeing the two of them together and hearing her words were more than a Mom could handle. For those attending that do not know of the obstacles Brandy has faced I’m sure walked away trying to understand her words but those of us that have walked beside Brandy surely understood what it meant when Brandy thanked Tiffany for always being there and being the one to shave her legs and arm pits when she herself couldn’t. GBS most certainly changed our lives but on July 25, 2009 it was obvious that GBS strengthened the love my girls shared.
      May the sun shine brightly for each of you and may your days be filled with love.