Yuck yuck yuck!

May 18, 2009 at 3:03 pm

I triedthat Noni Juice a few years back and that stuff tasted nasty! If it’s the same thing we are talking about. A friend gave me some to try and I never did finish it off! I have really bad gag reflexes and if the taste of something almost makes me sick, i can’t handle it! Orange juice might help some!
Ohh I hope and pray Connor is going to be okay and it’s just something minor! I know that now puts a major worry on you. I will say big prayers and hope there is nothing wrong.
The whole time I was walking around with Lupus, anything that was strange with my children I watch them very carefully especially when I found out it could be passed on to your children. My one daughter started getting sick two years ago and tested positive anf my other daughter got diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis. I still think she may have lupus but just has not reached the criteria. So far my one daughter that has it is doing great. We caught her in time before any damage could set in! So you have every reason to worry about your children getting what you have! It’s scary enough us having to deal with it let alone wondering about your child and as a parent sick or not sick we don’t want our children getting our ailments! Including CIDP! Wishing you my best and hope they start listening to you and get you better again! Hugs
Linda H