you guys are too much

September 5, 2008 at 7:21 pm

ok, all done with my nursing and counseling, so I am ready to party…Jan, let’s play pool before the girls get here. I love Sarah……

paint sprayers-cool-never used one, but know what they look like, fun city!!!

forget building tonight–I’ll use that tent and share with Juan and Maria— and Jim, I’m using that technique–drink for me, the nurse, and a drink for you, the patient, and a bandaid to boot? How’s that?

hey Canada—thought of another thing to put out back–anyway you can sneak a few( well actually quite a few) bales of hay to the tavern and we can have go cart races???? Like the girls against the guys–heck, Terry can bring his mower, we all know Norb has his cool scooter, I think Jeff just bought one, we could change that to any small motorized(no horses)or battery operated vehicle allowed. I’m stickin with a go cart-probably the only thing that has a chance against Norb and Terry. Position Stu and the rest at various points around the track, like at a marathon race, to have a drink we can grab as we go by?

I missed you guys so much; I’m so glad to be back.

OK Canada-do you want stripes or solids-you can break……:D