you are all so fun!!!

June 8, 2008 at 2:00 pm


you had me laughing so hard! you are so funny and im glad you can see the humor in your story!

The other day, i had an embarassing experience when my 13 year-old son had a friend stay the night. I had bought my kids two bunnies, plus we have a black lab. I was too weak to get dressed, so i had on only what i had slept in (a t-shirt and undies) and a long wrap-around sweater that i was wearing like a robe. Im very pregnant though, so i had to hold the bottom of it closed, as my baby bump kept it open. Well, i was talking to the boys, who had the bunnies running around the bedroom, when the dog pushed his way past me and was trying to eat the new furry little creatures he found. I instantly grabbed him with both hands, trying to pull him out of the room. 😮 My “robe” was all the way open, so there i was, in my undies right in front of my son’s friend. I felt so stupid:o I made him promise not to tell a soul!

Odd mama,

you are good with words. When are you going to start on your own book? I love the way you describe your world. Felt like i was right there with you. thanks for the escape! Tell your kids Jamie says they rock! You had me in tears talking about them!