yeah spill the beans!!!!!!!

December 3, 2007 at 3:24 am

Hi Clay, yeah that all sounds fab, you must spill the beans, but also I am 34, recently diagnoised with CIDP (fisrt hospital admission June this Year – with ?GBS but after nothing but pretty much continual relapses and minimal response to baseline treatment now diagnoised CIDP) HOWEVER I am going to where you are ie I am active tramper, triathlete etc right up to this hitting me – have been totally paralysed with only head movemtn and bladder / bowel control (there are some small mercy’s) but have been home now 6 weeks (that is the longest time out of hospital since end May 07 and am progressing fabulously. (Dear I touch wood) from being totally paralysed first week october I can now drive, look after myself and 3 young children, do star jumps, wee bit of skipping with rope, and last week had one go on a cross trainer and am feeling fab considering. I am determined to get my life back and hope to get back tramping and doing triathlons in the near future.
(am on quite a bit of treatment – ivig twice a week, iv methylpred once a week and oral azathiaprine)
Kia Kaha to you Clay
(A Kiwi saying for stay strong)
Kiwi Chick