Workin it

August 6, 2006 at 10:14 am


you r so interesting. If you don’t mind me asking, what does you husband do for a living? How did you meet? Just curious. Won’t matter if its private. I looked at those guitars your friend has. Woot!

Well, I worked on learning guitar repair/ setup yesterday. My buddy, Belly Ray, knows this fellar, who knows this other fellar. Ray brought over 2 more guitars for me to put togther. My wife is now watching me for more signs of mental illness. Now I have 5 guitars here, and I don’t play guitar.
They are cheep strat imatations also. They where bought in a big lot of stuff. Each one was missing something. I selected the best one, and have been useing the other for parts. A good learning experience without the worry of messing up a good guitar. My back, neck, and fingers where sore this morning, so it was good exercise also. Still got a way to go on it. The neck is going to need a shim under it, and I spent last night reading on how to adjust the tremelo.
It feels good mentally also. After being a maintence man for all those years, the guitars put me back in that trouble shooting / fix it mode. Soon as I had breakfast this morning, I wanted to start on it again.. Todays Sunday tho, so I’m taking the day off. ha
Well, looking around you can’t walk for the guitars lying in the floor. 3 on the floor, gig bags and a hardshell case, one in a stand, my bass in a stand. Well got to go friends, I think I hear my wife screaming…