When I had the attack in June

August 22, 2008 at 6:28 pm

I had a problem when I had my attack on my nervous system in June. It was scary. Had spine surgery on my lower spine. After that surgery when that attack happened the top of my legs got so weak and were shaking while sitting on the toilet. I too was having problems myself trying to get up off the toilet. I know most people that have bad legs have their arms to rely on building strength in their arms. But when you have your arms bad too, that has to be hard doing. It’s great they have some things for us to use. I have trouble bending and just recently bought myself a grabbing cane. That really is a useful tool! I no longer have to bend over picking up stuff off the floor anymore. Works great when my grandchildren are visiting. And you know how babies can be. Toys get scattered everywhere! This would make a great section on placing things in here to help with disabilities.
The Cane Grabber is also great if you are wheel chair bound. You can pick things up and be in the wheel chair at the same time. Very easy to use too!