What happened to "The Lighter Side?"

October 6, 2006 at 4:31 pm

[FONT=”Lucida Sans Unicode”]I come back to check how everyone was doing with their picks. What I found was all the posts gone again. What a shame to have lost all that information on the Main Forum. I think what is important is to be here for everyone that has come here for information for their loved ones that have just come down with this awefull and scarey illness. Please take time to post or open some of the threads that have help you the most. As we know energy is a precious resource and we need to conserve and use patience to heal. Stress works against your body and the healing process.
Jethrow, Thank you for all the help you did to keep this formum going to give me a place to chill. Our track has shut down for the Winter. In our class it got serious toward the end of the season and we ended up 10th. Trophey will be given out at the Banquet in November! I wish I had time to share with you all some or the frustrating and crazy things that went on with my body at the races. I could write a book on GBS at the race track!! Odors, Noise and Vibrations made my experience a battle, but every Friday Night was well worth it! This month we are going to experiment with other race tracks in the area that are ignoring the weather. Whole new learning experience when the fans, pit crew and driver and tires are all cold! Enjoy this game as much as I have enjoyed it watching who everyone picked! It has been very entertaining but a lot of work for those in charge and keeping the points for us each week![/FONT] 😎