Well it sure was a day for me today!

September 18, 2008 at 7:49 pm

Boy was it a day and a half. Got up this morning to go get my test started and the radioactive iodine and my mom was going to go with me. My truck would not start! Thank-GOD I was heading out the door earlier than usual. So I called my husband and he came home and the battery died on my truck. He drives me to my mom’s and I use her van! So we drive her car today. Only time her car ever get’s driven because she can’t drive.
Then.. I get to the hospital and they give me the treatment. Not bad! Not bad at all! But had to go back 4 hours later and no meds or food for 2 hours! Okay! Not bad! We went to Lowes and I grabbed something I needed there and then went to the Western Sizzlin Steak House and ate lunch. Then stopped by the Car Wash and got my mom’s car cleaned up.
Now I am getting tired out! Get back to hospital and had to pull up at door and drop my mom off and then find a park! Ohhh great! No handicapped parks. Okay we have the parking garage! No park! I drove in circles in that place today trying to get a park.
Well! I was there first and finally someone pulled out and I went to go turn in when some rude old fart brain sped up and they were going to whip into that park! Ohhh noo your not! So both of us were unable to pull in that park and was almost touching each other bumper to bumper!
I would not move! She would not move and it was a 15 minute stand off of us staring at each other with glares. She throws her hands up in the air and I threw mine up!
Now it’s getting nasty! That woman made me so darn angry, that I finally snapped out on her and rolled the window down in my mom’s van screaming at the bimbo to the top of my lungs. You don’t even want to know what I said but believe me it certainly was not nice and I hate having to be that way. I hate rude people! I had my turn signal on too while waiting to get that park and was there before she was!
So she finally gave up and gave me a middle finger and I did the same back! Now I got another car behind me thinking I am leaving and waiting for the park! I roll the window down and nicely motion to him or her that I was trying to park. That person would not let me back up! So here I go again rolling my window down and telling that person that I am trying to get pulled into the park and am not leaving. What a day! Must be a full moon!
Now I have to tackle the walk! Ohhh my gosh! I thought I was going to collaspe trying to get back to Nuclear Medicine, but I made it and they finished me today.
Was dying to get home. But had to go over my mom’s house and wait until husband got off of work to pick me up. He had to buy battery for truck and took the truck to work with him.
5:45 husband picks me up and I am now home. Ate dinner and am getting ready to dive in the bed. Missed my medicines today because of the testing and never got any sleep or nappies today! I pray I sleep good tonight because tomorrow I have to be back at 9:30 and they have me again for another 3 or 4 hours. Tomorrow! When I get home I am doing not a thing! I’m pooped!
I just hope tomorrow is not as hectic as today has been! I have never seen anybody like this be so rude. What ever happened to human kindness and respect? Told my husband to put the wheelchair in the truck tonight just in case I have to experience another rude awakening. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! It was a day and a half! Wishing everybody a good night tonight! You may not see many postings from me tonight for when I hit that bed tonight I pray I pass out and not wake up until tomorrow morning! Hugs! Will keep you all posted! Good night family! Glad I am home!