Well I’m female, and I’ve found that….

January 14, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Pre-natal multi vitamins can do the trick! Low in the B-6, High in the D, and the calcium. And, nothing ‘toxic for the baby’? Hah. Without all the unnecessary ‘add-ons’! And believe me, I’m about your age to boot!
And, yes Kelley, B-6 CAN cause or aggravate existing neuropathies. It is well documented by many respected sources. That’s how I found out. I was essentially killing myself with supplements which had a dollop of B-6 thrown in for good measure! When I took my ‘puter and ‘mapped’ out all the microprints on the bottles, I was blown away by the amount of B-6 IN EVERYTHING! I backed up, threw out a lot of stuff and researched for the ‘simplest’ sources of what I needed according to a full metabolisim report and went from there. Now I’m on course. Tho I have to admit, that I buy mostly from reputable vitamin/supplement resources who rely on their reputations for quality. Nothing from the drugstore or grocery store…as you don’t know how well those products have been handled before they get to you. Heat and cold can severely diminish the quality of some elements that we need.
As for B-6 causing CIDP? I’ve not seen any papers in relation to this…tho I’d suspect that low or even high levels reported in metabolic tests are showing a diminished capacity to asorb properly any goodies we introduce to our systems…the only way to really know THAT part is thru muscle biopsies…Anyone want to volunteer? Do I hear silence out there? Good choice! Such tests would not be truly conclusive anyhow the way the science of it all is today.