Well! Got one in off the plane but still waiting for my son! ARHHHH!

December 23, 2008 at 8:05 pm

Ohh boy! Christmas plane traffic for many is being a pain! Our daughter in law came in right on time. But my husband just called and my sons flight has a delay! Darn it! 😡 His arrival was for 7 but now they are telling my husband probably 9 tonight. And might be longer! So they are stranded at the RDU Airport just waiting for him to arrive. His flight had to take another route because of the Mid West Snow areas. He left San Diego to Dallas and from Dallas to Florida and from Florida to NC.
Well! I guess maybe I should go lay down for a few hours and get some sleep. My husband said the traffic is horrible in Raleigh Durham area. And he said it might be midnight tonight before they get home and could be possibly later! 🙁
My poor son having to travel half the United States but he is used to it being in the Navy. But I was kind of hoping his trip would be easier getting home. I know he is going to be worn out when he gets here.
I bet I have my ears up to my window sil tonight listening for our truck to get back home. It has a dual muffler so it won’t be hard hearing it. LOL!
I sure hope these next few hours hurry up!
Good night family! Going to be a long night of waiting with suspense! LOL:D