Well good morning family

September 8, 2008 at 3:13 am

Good morning Jan, Emma and Stacey! Plus everyone else that is coming in here today! Yesterday I ate too many crepes that Emma fixed! Boy were they awesome! Thanks Emma! Jan! That tunnel is starting to look awesome! Wished I could paint like that!
Stacey! Play hookie today! Get that party ready and then come back and share a few drinks!
I’m having Kaluia today and making us all breakfast! Going to be a nice day in my area and cooler than it has been! I think after I cook breakfast, I am going to sit on the Tavern Deck and bask the sun! Just take a nice relaxing day off!
Hey! Anybody want to join me in the hot tub? Let’s have us a Hot tub party! A few drinks and the hot tub and maybe for those that are hurting today it will ease the pain! We”ll eat some Tavern breakfast and have a few shots and then jump in that hot tub.
Ohh! I ordered a massage therapist today also. So those that come in today will get a free massage! Ohh and it feels good too! 😀