Weekly IVIG

March 15, 2009 at 3:57 am

Hi John…For over a year now, I’ve been getting 90 grams of IVIG every thursday. In order to reduce side effects, it is given over 6+ hours. On Fridays I also get plasmapheresis. My doctor discontinued steroids, cellcept, imuran, etc. as she concluded that if I required weekly IVIG & plasmapheresis, those other meds were not providing any benefit. I do take coumadin to ensure I don’t get blood clots. Overall, I haven’t had any problems with this treatment regime & I’ve gone from being paralyzed from the throat down, to being able to function pretty well. Even though these treatments eat up two days a week, IVIG & pheresis are a Godsend to me.

If you don’t already have a port, I would recommend you get one if you are to continue receiving IVIG over a long period. It saves the veins in your hands/arms.

Good luck with the IVIG!