Week 6 Total Scores! Cheryl is the Winner!

October 13, 2008 at 5:26 am

Well well! Cheryl is on a roll here family! She done kicked our behinds this week in the Football Pool. I did horrible! Totally horrible! But it was fun anyway! Congratulations Cheryl on a job well done!
Here are the scores. Will add Monday nights Football winning in an Edit tomorrow. But Cheryl won this week no matter who wins tonight! Cheryl! Your getting good at this! 😀

Cheryl: 10 Games Won
DickS: 8 Games Won
Smiley: 8 Games Won
Poor Linda H: 5 Games Won :confused:

Dick! I read your posting above and it was very well worded. Thank-you!
Cheryl! A job very well done!