W-Wave Electronic Stimulation

September 7, 2011 at 11:53 am

I have just completed a research project which used “W-Wave” electronic stimulation to evaluate its effect on calf muscle strength. This particular device is used by many high profile athletes to speed recovery from injury. The theory is that the device improves blood flow.

I used the device twice a week after working out at the YMCA. One electrode under the arch and one electrode behind the knee. It is a very user friendly device.

The results of my retest were very confusing to the Director of the study.

No change in calf diameter.

No (Or very little) improvement in strength. (Maximum weight lifted. In my case 55#)

Significant improvement in endurance. (Repetitions with 90% of maximum weight.) I improved from 7 reps to 27 reps with the 50# weight.

The director says that strength and endurance usually track fairly linearly, thereby the confusion. I think it probably means that the muscles I have got stronger but that I had not stimulated any new atrophied muscles.

There is no way to tell what caused the improvement in my endurance: My exercise program, continued improvement from the cyclpsporine I am taking, the W-Wave?

The results from the 30 people in the study are not yet analysed.