Update, uggh

March 20, 2007 at 2:01 am

I have been worried all this time that Nate would injure his ankle before he got his AFO. I was hoping it would not happen, but Murphy’s Law found us again.
Today Nate stood up to go from his wheelchair to the recliner and his ankle rolled way too far. It hurt really bad and started swelling right away.
His ankle as well as the long bone on the side of his foot are very painful.
I put ice packs on it taped inside an ace bandage and I have been doing that all day with time in between to let it warm up.
He has PT in the morning but I doubt he will want to walk any.
He also has an appointment with his Orthopedic doc in the afternoon.
I will have him check it out if it doesn’t look and feel a lot better.
His AFO can’t come fast enough.