Update on my mom! Prayers still needed

January 23, 2009 at 1:19 am

Ohh boy! When it rains it pours! Well family! After several labs to check the Creatine levels and trying the IV’s thinking it was maybe dehydration they have now ruled that out and she indeed has Kidney Failure.
Her regular doctor and the surgeon came in this morning while I was there and at first they thought that maybe the blood pressure bottomed out during surgery and it caused the Kidney Failure. But after checking the records during the surgery her blood pressure was normal.
The Nephrologist came in this evening for a consult and he has ordered several test on my mom so they can try to figure out what kind of Kidney Failure she has. Said it was possible she was already in failure before the surgery but it was not detected and it just came out full blown after her surgery. The Nephrologist that saw her ordered an ultrasound of the kidney’s and may have to do a biopsy. He did mention two things that could be going on. Possible Athero Embolic Kidney Disease and Acute Glomerulonephritis. And then possible a malignant kidney. Meaning cancer! We won’t really know to much for a few days. Unless one of those labs and test he has ordered shows up positive results on what is going on!
Right now after the mistakes they made on my mom from the very beginning. I am beginning to think that maybe the surgery caused her failure and they were not paying attention.
Well yesterday because it is now past midnight as I am typing this so today will begin day 4. But yesterday once again day 3. My mom can’t feel her legs and has no strength in either leg! They are getting her up and her arms are very weak and she can’t even hold on to the walker. And her legs are just dragging and not even moving. Nothing! I personally think something happened in that surgery and it messed her up! They did a spinal block type of surgery on her because of her age and said something else and maybe that spinal has caused a GBS type of syndrome. Meaning the spinal actually caused paryalisis Mispelled! And it shut down her kidneys. My theory! She was walking with her walker and not doing to bad before the surgery. Now she can’t even use either leg! And they only did knee replacement on her left leg. At first I thought maybe that Ball Nerve Block they had in her groin may have caused that numbness. But they took that out early this morning and within a few hours the feeling in her leg should have come back. And now her bowels are not functioning either. So they gave her a suppository this evening.
I got home this evening and am totally stressed out and exhausted. I WANT MY MOM OUT OF THAT HOSPITAL! I’m sitting here debating on what to do! Is she stable enough to get her transported to a better top notch hospital that has a better staff or do I leave her there for them to kill her? Some debate isn’t it!
In the morning I am going to get up again with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. And I am going to watch and observe her very carefully. If she can’t hold herself up tomorrow then I am going to demand answers as to why she is being this way. Especially when one leg was okay before her surgery. Then I am going to question them about that Spinal they used on my mother. If they can’t answer me, then I am going to demand a transport to another hospital and want a Nephrologist, Neurologist to check her good and see what the problem may be. Excuse my language but the dam hospital thinks I am stupid! Lets just say I am one very very angry #%#% right now!
I don’t know if my mom is coming home or not! The stress is certainly making me not feel to well at all! Thank-you all so much for your prayers. But please take your hands together and start a chain prayer for my mom! I don’t need any prayers for me right now but my mother does! I want to thank you all that have been praying but am still asking you to keep praying for her! She really needs it right now! God Bless! I better go and try to get some sleep but will try to keep you posted! Hugs
Linda H