Please pray for my mom! Very worried

    • Anonymous
      January 19, 2009 at 2:29 am

      Hi family! I normally don’t ask for prayers but my mom is getting ready to have surgery on January 20th with a knee replacement surgery. She is 75 years old and has had an unexplained neuropathy that nobody seems to know what is causing it. They think Rheumatiod Arthritis! Her health these past 6 years have not been that great. We average about 2 hospital stays a year. All different kinds of problems. Heart, Colon problems, UTI problems. When she gets sick she dehydrates and that requires a hospital stay. I am taking my Laptop with me but may not be able to post much due to her condition.
      She had a knee replacement surgery 12 years ago and it did not go to well. She stayed in the hospital and rehab for a solid month! She got really bad off after that surgery and we thought we were going to lose her. In the past 5 months my mom’s legs swell alot in her ankles and she has fallen several times. And will not listen to me about coming to live here! Or go into assisted living. So I just made up my mind to go ahead and let her be until I know it can’t be! She does not want to give up her home, her memories and her joy of living there. We hired a house keeper and a grass cutter and Andy and I take her grocery shopping, dinners and even to the doctors. But then my mom get’s on her riding lawn mower and cuts her grass. I think she just enjoys doing it. But she fell off the lawnmower a few years ago and a neighbor called and it scared me to death. She broke her foot and stayed with me 6 weeks. Lets just say I have a very stubborn mom! Very demanding at times and can be a pain sometimes. But she is my mom and I do love her!

      When she had her last knee replacement she was much younger and did not have neuropathy and her health was stronger. She is retaining fluid which has me worried but her heart doctor said she was okay. But she complains about constant UTI’s and they just put her on an antibiotic for one a few days ago.

      When my father died. I know this sounds crazy but his spirit would actually come back and I would hear him talking to me and telling me what he wanted me to do when it was concerning my mother. It was like he was an angel now and was guiding me through a tough path. And it was tough! Not easy being a caretaker and being sick at the same time. I need prayers for myself too to be guided again on a journey that I don’t know will happen on Tuesday and the next coming weeks.

      After I got my mom straightened out I no longer heard my father’s voices. Then my mom started telling me recently that she saw my father in the hallway and he looked so handsome. And she feels him in the house now. A few days ago she told me that she was hearing something in her den and an Angel that plays music that you have to wind up to play was playing on it’s own. It was my mom’s and dad’s favorite song. I gave her that Angel the same year after my father died. And it has never done this. Then she tells me that maybe it is a sign of something! Now that has me worried!
      She wants this knee replacement because she thinks it is going to make her better in walking again and get well. I see my mom’s legs giving out on her and have been seeing her heading in a wheel chair because of her balance. It’s just a matter of time. My biggest fear is that she gets this surgery and then has more problems walking than before the surgery. And gets disappointed and then gives up. And then will she be able to withstand the surgery. She might fool me and do fantastic but I doubt it! Seen what happens each time she has surgeries and she does not do to well. Slow healer too at times depending on what she has wrong. Let’s just say I am very concerned about this! So please say a special prayer for my mother on Tuesday! I will try to post but id you don’t hear from me then you know things are not doing well! Sorry for the long post! Hugs family!
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 19, 2009 at 4:48 pm

      Hi Linda,

      Your mother sounds like a very tough lady…as frustating as it is, you have to admire her spirit!! I understand your concern about her stubborness, but sometimes that very thing will work in her favor. 🙂

      I’ll keep your mom and your family in my prayers.

      I look forward to reading a favorable post regarding her surgery. Please do keep us informed.

    • Anonymous
      January 19, 2009 at 6:12 pm

      Hope all goes well for your mother with her surgery.
      Hang in there.
      Will have you and your mom in my prayers.
      Take care

    • Anonymous
      January 19, 2009 at 6:36 pm

      Now we know where you get your drive!!;) I am sorry she is going through this and that you are too. You are fortunate though that she wants to live. And that you have a good relationship with her. My mom is turning 80 in a month and is starting to “see” my deceaced father too. But she wants to go to him and is miserable living and blames us (me and my siblings) for her unhappiness. Regardless of the situation, it is somewhat the same in that we can only do so much and your love and support is probably the best thing you can offer without forgetting to take care of yourself. At least she seems receptive to your support. That is huge. I will send my best for you both.
      Be well,

    • Anonymous
      January 21, 2009 at 1:53 am

      Hi family! We got to the hotel last night and I am so glad we did for we got a nasty snow in my area. It was brutally cold too! 4 in the morning scraping ice off the windshield. And last night my mom felt sick. I think it was her nerves acting up.
      Her surgery was a success! But the hospital that I HATE! After giving them her medication list 3 times and telling them what she is ALLERGIC to Morphine and Reglan 3 times screwed up! My mom is allergic to morphine and reglan
      along with Codiene types of drugs.
      They brought her in a room but we had to wait until they set her up. She apparently was feeling sick and they gave her reglan and placed her on a morphine pump. Plus they said her sugar was super high and gave her insulin for diabetes. My mom has never tested positive for diabetes.

      My mom’s blood pressue bottomed out and her oxygen level dropped and I went into her room after they set her up with me and my sister while they left the room and I had no idea what they gave her. She was getting bad off! I am just getting home after a long cold miserable day and will be only getting 4 hours of sleep to go back and relieve my sister in the morning.

      I told the nurse my mom felt sick! And the nurse tells me that they just gave her Reglan and her Insulin and now have her on Morphine for pain. I freaked
      out on the nurse and told her that my mother was allergic to Reglan and that she only can take Phenergan. And then I tell her my mom has never had to
      take insulin before and never has had diabetes and did they just find out
      she was diabetic.
      So the nurse comes in the room. And then leaves and the next thing we know they are working on my mom! A whole staff kicks us out of the room and they are working on my mom!
      I wanted answers! They messed up her RX list and did a typing error on her medications. So I had to come home and pick up her meds so they could correct the error they made. In the meantime my mom is really bad off! They moved her to ICU! We have to wait it out now! They took her off the Morphine and gave her something to reverse the side effects and have given her phenergan to stop the vomiting.
      I went to the Charge Nurse and slapped my Power of Attorney on her desk and was very professional about what happened but deep inside I am super hot! I filed 3 complaints against the hospital tonight and showed them that I am her POA in regards to Health matters! Giving me rights to her records and rights to complain and any other legal issues. Told them they better get my mother straightened out!
      When I left her blood pressure had gone up some and they have her on oxygen now to raise the levels up. She is now running a 103 fever. The team in ICU is really watching her good. I hope nothing happens to her!
      The nurse that gave her these meds was going by a typed error medication list. And my mom does not take insulin. They did blood work again to recheck
      for diabetes and are going to investigate the matter in whom typed the errors.
      This morning before she went for surgery I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her! Then she looked at me and the way she looked at me there were tears in her eyes like she was telling me goodbye and she loved me too! She
      grabbed my hand and held it and was getting choky with tears. And it gave me a bad feeling. I cried then too but never expected something like this to happen.
      I was going to be the one staying with her tonight but got so upset and can’t stop crying. Andy had to come pick me up and my sister demanded I come home and rest. After having my father die in my arms 6 1/2 years ago that tore me up! I just can’t be in the same room and have another parent die in my arms! My sister saw me fall apart tonight. So she felt it best I come home tonight. But I can’t sleep for I fear the worst. I pray tomorrow that when I go back in I am stronger than I am right now. And am so afraid that she may too die in my arms! I am so afraid the phone is going to ring tonight with bad news.
      We gave that list of meds and allergy’s 3 times. How could this have happened? I don’t know what happened. But somebody that was doing the paperwork on my mom typed in the wrong things and now my mom’s life is hanging by a thread. I actually saw this typed list and it had her taking Zanax every other day when she takes it every night. Insulin dosage and she is not on Insulin. She can’t take any Codiene types of drugs and yet they typed it in as medications she could take. All her allergies were listed as she could take. The whole list was totally screwed up. The nurse argued with me about her meds and said that was the list they were given. And I wanted to know where that list came from. I had to tear my moms medicine cabinet at her home this evening gathering her list I had that I found in her purse and then go through all her paperwork grabbing that POA trying to save my mom’s life tonight. When I showed them the list that was in her purse the nurse told me that could be an old list and they are going by what they had been given on their computers.
      Lets just say we had an nasty arguement with that hospital and I demanded they contact her regular doctor and get those meds he had at his office. He never showed up but did call and confirmed that her list she gave them was indeed correct. So this hospital had some stupid dum…. type her medication list wrong and we still don’t know where the insulin came from for she is not taking insulin. I am mad as you know what right now! I even wanted her moved out of that hospital but the doctor that was there on call told me that they can’t move her right now until she gets stable. And said it would be best if they work on her since they know what the problem is. And I am saying to myself that they are going to end up killing my mom!
      Family! I need some strong prayers tonight and the next few days! Pray that my mom gets better. Please let my mom get better!
      I know one thing! I am contacting the Medical Board tomorrow and will be contacting whom I can over this one! That stupid place is not going to get away with this. How could this have happened? I don’t understand what happened!
      Right now I am a total basket case over this. Her surgery was going so well and because of someone’s typing error my mom now could loose her life!

      Just please say some strong prayers for her. I hope when I go back in the morning I see a miracle and my mom doing much better! I just can’t handle loosing her this way! I just can’t handle it!

    • Anonymous
      January 21, 2009 at 8:16 am

      Linda, I hope your Mom is ok.


    • Anonymous
      January 21, 2009 at 10:21 am

      Hi Linda,

      I’m sorry and horrified to hear that the hospital made so many errors!! Your mom and your entire family are in my prayers. I pray your mom has shown significant signs of recovery from the surgery and from receiving the wrong medications.

      Please keep us posted.


    • Anonymous
      January 21, 2009 at 10:43 am

      I’m so sorry for you and your family watching your mom go through this terrible ordeal because of someones mistake.

    • Anonymous
      January 21, 2009 at 11:11 pm

      Hi family! Well they managed to get my mom stable from the wrong medications and had her sitting up this morning. So I was really glad to see that. For I did not sleep worth a flip. And around 10 this morning they moved her back to the joint replacement ward. They started getting her out of bed and I got really teary eyed and had to walk out and get myself together. I hope it’s just the ordeal she went through but she was so weak in her arms that they could not get her to stand on her own. They placed her in a chair and kept her sitting for a few hours. Gave her some lunch and the therapist came in and started getting her up again. She can’t feel her legs and once again could not walk and needed full assistance. They have medication in her groin called a Ball Nerve Block that helps with pain. But she still has pain. They got her up again a few hours later and she still could not walk on her own. Or stand on her own! Then she got sick and started vomiting again! So they put her back to bed started her back on an IV again. Her regular doctor came in this morning and said that her sugar levels were high but not considered a full blown diabetic. So she needs no insulin at all unless it goes over 200! So we got that straightened out. Her Creatine levels were super high and he wants to check that for two days. It was a 4.5 and her last Creatine before the surgery was at 1.5 and considered normal. Could be dehydration or they are looking at Kidney failure. The therapist told me this evening that they rejected her going into a certain rehab because she is going to need more special needs than what that rehab can offer. So they are going to talk with me in the morning and tell me what they are considering about rehab. They mentioned a Nursing Home Rehab but can’t release her into that until they get her much better in the next few days. And want to check for Kidney failure first before they get that other stuff going. They did the labs again today and will do it tomorrow and we will find out if my mom’s kidney’s are failing or if it was just dehydration. They told me that normally after a surgery like this the patient does have problems at first but has to reach a certain criteria in order to be eligible for that one rehab. She does not reach those criteria and will need the nursing home rehab. It’s going to be a longer recovery than expected. A: The nerve damage she has in her legs may be so bad that she just may not gain enough strength to be able to walk on her own and might end up wheelchair bound plus she might even have nerve damage in her upper body and is too weak to control herself and that will cause problems. Or: She may fight it and get better! We won’t know for several weeks how she is going to do. I am concerned about them mentioning kidney failure and is it caused because of the hospital mistakes.
      The Administrator handled the investigation today and found out the Nash Day part where they do the PreAdmits did the typing error! So they have excepted that they were at fault and have apologized. But the damage is done! I plan on getting my mother into seeing another doctor and want them to see if this kidney failure if that is what it is was caused by the medication mix up. I have demanded they do an MRI of the brain also to check for strokes or anything that might have damaged her nervous system making her not able to hold herself up. So they did agree to that and will be checking her tomorrow. And if she does have kidney failure going on… then what caused it? If it was because of those medications wrongly administered that caused kidney failure then I am going to really go after this hospital.
      My mom was walking when she went into that hospital. And now she can’t even hold herself up! She can’t even use her walker and stand up all buy herself! Don’t get me wrong! I knew there would be some problems but I certainly never expected this! I got to stay strong and just hope for the best here! Talked with my sister tonight and we both are afraid that our mom might not get better and end up wheel chair bound. The nursing home rehab really has us scared. We are just going to have to wait it out several weeks and see how my mom does! The possible kidney failure is what has me very concerned. And does she have an underlying disorder that just has not been diagnosed. If my mom has kidney failure then she will refuse treatment! I know my mom! She already has a living will and in that will it states no dialisis, no resusitation, no breathing machines and no tube feeding. I’m making myself sick with worry. And she always told me that once she goes to a Nursing home that is where she will die! I pray tomorrow will be a better day and things start looking up some. But I just don’t know! But in her living will it states also that she would have to be terminally ill or have an illness that would cause her alot of suffering. So I just don’t know! At least I did see her awake and sitting up some today but just worried and will be worried until I see her getting well. Tomorrow I hope they have that Creatine being caused by dehydration and no kidney failure. Will keep you all posted and appreciate all the prayers you are giving me for my mom. Thank-you family for once again being so supportive and praying those extra prayers for me! It really helps me some in coping how to deal with this. Even though right now I am a total basket case! And probably will be for a while until something good happens! God bless!
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 22, 2009 at 1:29 pm

      WOW,what a nightmare. I hope she turns it around & makes a full recovery. Prayers said.

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 1:19 am

      Ohh boy! When it rains it pours! Well family! After several labs to check the Creatine levels and trying the IV’s thinking it was maybe dehydration they have now ruled that out and she indeed has Kidney Failure.
      Her regular doctor and the surgeon came in this morning while I was there and at first they thought that maybe the blood pressure bottomed out during surgery and it caused the Kidney Failure. But after checking the records during the surgery her blood pressure was normal.
      The Nephrologist came in this evening for a consult and he has ordered several test on my mom so they can try to figure out what kind of Kidney Failure she has. Said it was possible she was already in failure before the surgery but it was not detected and it just came out full blown after her surgery. The Nephrologist that saw her ordered an ultrasound of the kidney’s and may have to do a biopsy. He did mention two things that could be going on. Possible Athero Embolic Kidney Disease and Acute Glomerulonephritis. And then possible a malignant kidney. Meaning cancer! We won’t really know to much for a few days. Unless one of those labs and test he has ordered shows up positive results on what is going on!
      Right now after the mistakes they made on my mom from the very beginning. I am beginning to think that maybe the surgery caused her failure and they were not paying attention.
      Well yesterday because it is now past midnight as I am typing this so today will begin day 4. But yesterday once again day 3. My mom can’t feel her legs and has no strength in either leg! They are getting her up and her arms are very weak and she can’t even hold on to the walker. And her legs are just dragging and not even moving. Nothing! I personally think something happened in that surgery and it messed her up! They did a spinal block type of surgery on her because of her age and said something else and maybe that spinal has caused a GBS type of syndrome. Meaning the spinal actually caused paryalisis Mispelled! And it shut down her kidneys. My theory! She was walking with her walker and not doing to bad before the surgery. Now she can’t even use either leg! And they only did knee replacement on her left leg. At first I thought maybe that Ball Nerve Block they had in her groin may have caused that numbness. But they took that out early this morning and within a few hours the feeling in her leg should have come back. And now her bowels are not functioning either. So they gave her a suppository this evening.
      I got home this evening and am totally stressed out and exhausted. I WANT MY MOM OUT OF THAT HOSPITAL! I’m sitting here debating on what to do! Is she stable enough to get her transported to a better top notch hospital that has a better staff or do I leave her there for them to kill her? Some debate isn’t it!
      In the morning I am going to get up again with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. And I am going to watch and observe her very carefully. If she can’t hold herself up tomorrow then I am going to demand answers as to why she is being this way. Especially when one leg was okay before her surgery. Then I am going to question them about that Spinal they used on my mother. If they can’t answer me, then I am going to demand a transport to another hospital and want a Nephrologist, Neurologist to check her good and see what the problem may be. Excuse my language but the dam hospital thinks I am stupid! Lets just say I am one very very angry #%#% right now!
      I don’t know if my mom is coming home or not! The stress is certainly making me not feel to well at all! Thank-you all so much for your prayers. But please take your hands together and start a chain prayer for my mom! I don’t need any prayers for me right now but my mother does! I want to thank you all that have been praying but am still asking you to keep praying for her! She really needs it right now! God Bless! I better go and try to get some sleep but will try to keep you posted! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 3:59 am

      Linda, what a tough situation. Try to hang on–your mom needs you.
      I have two small suggestions. First, she definitely should see a neurologist. Sometimes medications last longer in elderly people, but if she is still not feeling her legs or able to move them, she probably should have an MRI of the spinal cord as well. The trouble with bladder and bowels might be situational, but these are always also a concern for the spinal cord especially if there is weakness or feeling changes as well. Are her arms and hands normal in feeling and strength? I hope so, but if so, that also makes one wonder about something in the lower spinal cord that would affect legs and not feeling and strength in the arms.
      Second, you said that her blood pressure “bottomed out” after she got morphine. Kidneys are very sensitive to blood pressure. The good thing about kidney failure from low blood pressure is that it can reverse itself as the kidneys heal. It is an acute renal failure often with return to or almost to previous function especially since the blood pressure was not low for long.
      A number of medications have to be changed when the kidneys are not working well. Ask the kidney doctor to double check that all your mother’s medications are being adjusted appropriately.
      I pray for your mother and family in these times of stress.

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 1:38 pm

      Linda, You Go Girl!!! I know what you are going through with the nurses and hospital. I went through that with my Dad this past spring. Keep up on all meds given to your Mom, all procedures and tell the nurses to call you for permission no matter what. Thats what we did and it gave us alittle more control in the care of my Dad. Keep all communications between you and the hospital-all notes and write down all conversations, names, dates and times. Keep a journal Hun. Ask for daily copies of her records. These should be given to you at no charge. You are her advocate-stay strong, stay direct, stay on top of everything. Keep in touch with the head nurse, head of the department, head of the hospital etc. They aren’t against you, they are working for you-make them earn their money. Make sure the nurses have copied you poa and attached it to the front of your Mom’s record. This will be important in the future. I would actually give them copies of of all the meds, procedures, health issues prior to surgery, poa etc-instead of letting them copy it themselves-that way you can have the def knowledge that they copied everything.
      Your Mom and You are in My Thoughts and Prayers! Please make sure you take time for yourself and rest when you can. Hugs!

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 1:52 pm

      Hi family! Well I must say that I am falling apart! I’m trying so hard to stay strong and keep my faith but this is just tearing me apart. I decided to come home early and try to get some sleep. I am getting exhausted and my mind right now is so stressed out that it’s just getting to me!
      Got up this morning and headed out really early. Was at the hospital this morning at 5:30. When I got there they were getting my mom bathed and up early so she could be ready for PT. And then they tried to get her to get herself out of bed. She is like a limp dish rag. Body has no muscle tone or strength at all. The two doctors showed up and said that they are waiting to hear from the Nephrologist first before they can give me answers. I demanded an MRI and they are telling me that she is weak because of the Creatine Levels but I am being insistant! Then I told the doctor that I know she had knee replacement surgery and needs PT but my mom’s Kidneys and getting her strength are my concerns right now. Told them I wanted her placed back in the bed and just let her PLEASE get at least a day or two rest. She’s exhausted! So they have agreed to that and placed her back on bed rest. Then they leave and the Nephrologist came in. He is still ordering test but told me he really thinks she has Acute Renal Failure due to her blood pressure bottoming out but the surgeon swears it never happened. Her iron levels are extremely low and creatine levels still low. In fact they are worse today than yesterday and then tells me that right this second all they can do is wait and see what happens with her in a few days. They are hoping her kidneys turn back on again and start functioning on their own. And when I mentioned the dialysis he told me that she has to reach a certain level before they can act and start doing that on her! Told me this morning that she may get worse before she gets better! And said when she reaches the levels then he can act and start treatment. So right now it’s just a wait and see game!
      Hope! You may be right but I just don’t know! That hospital has made several mistakes and I think they are now trying to cover up things because of those 3 mistakes. So the only thing I can do now is just wait and see like all the other’s are doing. Although she is my mom and they are just her doctors makes a big difference if you know what I mean. Not fun waiting to see your mom possibly getting worse which she is and just sit here waiting until it’s gets dire before they place her on Dialysis. My question is my mom is much weaker than the average normal person and will she be able to withstand this kind of torture that she is going through. Meaning is she going to be strong enough for her to survive this!
      Now your going to laugh on this one. I just dozed off at my computer and took a nap and then woke up realizing that I fell asleep never finishing my posting! So I think I better get myself off line and just lay down and get some sleep. I just pray that tommorow when I go back that she is much better but right now I am so afraid of what could happen! So please keep praying for my mom! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 2:58 pm

      Document everything. Times,meds,when & what docs,what was said,etc.
      Please get rest. You’ll be no good to anyone if you get sick or totally stressed.

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 3:37 pm

      Dear Linda,
      I am so sorry to hear about your mom. You need to remember ( as you have told all of us) that you need to get your rest too or you will end up in a bed next to mom. I am a Regional Director for a Rehabiliation company and and my therapists,( PT, OT, ST) only work in Skilled Nursing Home facilities. I want you to ask me any questions about Nursing Homes if you have to go that route. Generally, a patient must be able to tolerate three hours of therapy a day to go to a Rehabilitation Hospital. If they cannot tolerate three hours and have other medical issues, going to a Skilled Nursing Home is usually the standard. Now I know all elderly are terrified of going to a Nursing Home, but I want to assure you that going to a nursing home can be a good experience. A good Nursing Home will have therapists on site to do therapy 1-2 times a day depending on her tolerance. She will have around the clock nursing. The only downside is that the doctor usually only sees the patient once a month ( all they get paid for by Medicare) or if there is a problem. sounds scary but the nurses are always on the phone with any changes or concerns. If she progresses in therapy she may be able to transfer to a Rehab hospital, but generally the therapists in the skilled nursing home are excellent, have therapy gyms and all the equipment, and get the job done. Actually, I feel sometimes the SNF( Skilled Nursing Facility) therapy is better, because they work around the patient. If she does not feel like therapy at a certain time they will try later. I Have always been proud of the services my therapists provide in the SNF.

      As far as the surgery and after effects. It is common that the elderly have reaction to the anesthesia. I have seen decreased cognition, confusion, lethergy in a patient after surgery. These changes can last up to a month until all the anesthesia is out of the system. Then the patient has what I call a “Aha” experience and everything just clicks back in place. I have had some patients even say ” where have I been”.

      As every one has said, keep note. It is hard to prove fault in a hospital, so if you have any person say they made a mistake, or you can get the admit sheet for those meds , then do so. The hospital should assume all ICU costs and further stays due to negligence. I would threaten law suit and see how fast they are compliant.

      My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2009 at 9:15 pm

      it is good that the nephrologist thinks it is acute renal failure because that is more reversible. Tough as it is to be patient and wait, that really sounds like good advice at this time. Nature/God is a far better healer for the kidneys. Dialysis is tough and although it does the work of the kidneys for them, it often slows healing. Kidneys are smart. Give them a little chance. One of the hardest things in medicine to learn is that sometimes it is better not to just do something because you can, but to only do it if is truly for the best.
      From having taken care of lots of people with acute renal failure, the nephrologists advice sounds like good advice.
      It is not clear to me when she got the morphine, but it seems like it was after the surgery not during the surgery–so the surgery records would not have shown a low blood pressure, but rather the time just before she was moved to the ICU.
      One other tiny suggestion. Since your mom cannot move her legs herself, perhaps physical therapy can help with passive range of motion. Everyone has to think about the whole person, but it really is true that after knee replacement, people do better if the knee is “used” so that it keeps its flexibility and strength is not lost. Passive range of motion is where the therapist does all the work but there is movement of the limbs to help them heal.

    • Anonymous
      January 24, 2009 at 11:55 am

      Well I just talked to the doctor this morning. My mom’s Creatine Levels just took a nose dive! YAHOOOOO! Her levels have started to go down. She got up to a 4. something which was extremely high and now this mornings labs showed her at 2.9. Her kidneys are staring to function again. They are going to keep testing her all during the day just to make sure she does okay and have decided to keep her on bedrest again today. If everything goes well by Monday they will be taking her to Rehab in the Nursing Home Facility.The MRI was normal and showed no problems. He told me that he felt it was the Creatine Levels that has caused her weakness. But did tell me that he felt she was going to be in a very long recovery. Going to be slow process with her. I am going to have to sign release form tomorrow so I can get all copies of her records.
      If I see she is still having problems at that Rehab and not showing any recovery then I will be getting her into another hospital and doctor to see why she can’t function. Believe me! The moment they made the mistake on my mother the first night, I started watching every single move. My aunt and uncle are visiting right now and then my other aunt and uncle are going in later on. Told me to take the day off and get some rest some. So I think today I am just going to rest and do nothing. It’s been a rough long week!
      They said they would call me before they leave just in case I need to be up there but plan on spending a few hours with her. And will let know! But my mom is showing a turn around. Hmm! Maybe me making them place her in a bed yesterday was a good idea huh?
      I am so much more relieved! Thanks for all those prayers. I just hope now my mom starts to get better and recovers okay! But the kidneys coming back to life really has me relieved. Whew! Now maybe I can rest in peace some and not worry as much as these past few days have been but will still worry until she gets better. But it’s less stressful knowing your mom’s kidney’s are coming alive again! Gosh! That was scary! This morning she was actually talking and not falling asleep on me. Still a little confused as Hope said she might be but is doing a tiny bit better this morning. I just hope now we start seeing more improvements. I am very tired and have overpushed myself. Last night I was in so much pain and that nerve damage mess was driving me crazy. So I know now that I need my rest today! I am doing NOTTA! Not a thing! LOL!
      Thank-you so much family for your prayers and support. Those prayers worked! Ohh! I had some teeth pulled the week before my mom’s surgery and being out in the cold weather has caused one to dry socket! That sucker hurts something aweful! Been taking tylenol with codiene like candy! As soon as I get my mom in rehab I am going back to the dentist and let him fix it! Ouch! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 24, 2009 at 3:55 pm

      Oh Linda, what a traumatic week. I am so sorry for you and your mom and sister. It is good to hear that you will rest today and by the time you get back to the hospital there will be a marked difference in your mom I’m sure. Be sure to use Carol if needed. She sounds like a great resource. All my best.

    • Anonymous
      January 24, 2009 at 4:19 pm

      Hi Linda,

      I’m glad your mother’s condition has improved. You guys have been and shall continue to be in my prayers. Now, take meds for that dry socket, put your feet up and relax as much as possible!! You’ve had one heck of a week. 🙂

      Take care,


    • Anonymous
      January 24, 2009 at 11:31 pm

      Glad to hear that mom is improving — will continue to pray for her and for you. Take care — Hugs from Iowa.

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 2:36 am

      Well family! Things yesterday morning were looking pretty good then my mom turned for the worst again. I don’t understand it. She was showing improvement on her Creatinine Levels this morning and the doctor said she was coming out of it and her kidneys were coming back to life. Now her levels are a 5.0. She is running fever now and getting very confused along with vomiting. They have a Catheter Foley in her now because she just does not have any strength in her at all. And she is not voiding much urine at all now..
      What turned out to be a knee replacement surgery has now turned out to be a nightmare! All I want to do right now is cry! I have a feeling I am loosing my mom! I don’t want to loose my mom! This is killing me! Me and my husband left this evening after going up there once we got the call and had to run over my mother’s house and get her safe out of her closet. As much as I don’t want to do this, I see that I might have to do it anyway. I am surely not going to be able to do it if she passes away on me. Will just be so upset and while I am trying to pray and have faiith I thought it be best if I gathered all her paperwork together. That is not an easy job! I don’t want to do this! I just don’t want to do this! An I don’t want to loose my mom! :0(
      I don’t think she is going to be strong enough to fight this. I see her loosing the battle! A simple knee replacement has turned into a very life threatening situation. I tried talking her out of having it because I felt she was not strong enough! I wished she would have listened to me! I just don’t know what to do! All these years I have helped her and now I can’t do anything to help her! But sit there and watch her go down hill with them still not doing anything. That doctor is just saying let’s wait and see. And I disagree with him! I totally disagree! If they don’t go ahead and give her dialysis now she is going to die! I really did not like his attitude. I don’t know how good of a doctor he is but I really wished I knew! I just think they should transport her to another facility but they are just not doing anything but poking needles in her left and right where she has bruises everywhere. And she looks so pale! Have called all her family up and told them what has happened and just am so upset about this. I thought yesterday was going to finally be good and it turned out another bad day! Please keep the prayers!
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 9:30 am


      I’m very sad to read your latest post. You guys have not left my prayers. I know your mom is first on the agenda, but try to take care of yourself as much as possible as this stress can’t be good for you.

      Take care and God speed on your mom’s recovery.

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 11:02 am

      I’m so very sorry that your mom is going through this.
      My prayers are with you, your mom and family.
      Take care

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 12:07 pm

      Prayers from Omaha, Linda.

      I know exactly what you are feeling. Frustration and sadness, anger…and nothing you can do about it !
      Take care of yourself Linda so that you can help take care of her…that’s what you all told me. I know it’s very hard to do….

      Give her lots of encouragment …I just know this will all be fine, soon.


    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 3:18 pm

      Got to the hospital very very early this morning and getting ready to crash on my sofa and try to catch up on sleep. My dishes and landry piled up everywhere. Clothes thrown everywhere! Have had no time but sleep and mom.
      This morning she has not eaten anything! The smell of food is making her do nothing but barf! Constant barfing. She takes a sip of tea and then barfs it up. The phenergan is not even working! She’s still at a 5.0 and I managed to chase the doctors butt down in the hospital this morning and asked him how sick does she have to get and how high do those levels get before they start dialysis. He told me they usually will consider it when they reach mid 5’s to 6’s and then they start the dialysis. But also said it depends on the patient. She is showing Uremic Acid now in her urine. She’s very confused and letharic and is now getting some crackling sounds in her lungs. So they started giving her fluid pills . The doctor is going to see her again in the morning and said he will talk to me again in the morning and if she is not any better in the morning then he will start her on dialysis! She’s so sick now that she can’t be left alone. I got there very early this morning and then my husband showed up and let me come home. My sister is coming in tonight around 8 and spending the night. Then I get up at 5 and will stay with her until 12. My brother in law is going to come in at 12 and we are all just going to rotate shifts.
      Please pray they start that dialysis on my mom tomorrow. Bless her heart I hate seeing her this sick! And she really is sick! It’s bad enough having a knee replacement and being in so much pain. Then to suddenly have kidney failure and have that on top to fight. I just don’t want to see my mom suffer and right now she is suffering. This is not the way I want to see my mom go! I think I could excet it better is she had a heart atack and it killed her instantly not knowing what happened than to lay in a bed with horrible pain and kidneys failing at the same time. Now the lungs with fluid in them.
      Thank-you so much family for the prayers! I decided to print the prayers out and make them like cards and put them in my mom’s room tomorrow. Thought that would cheer her up knowing she has so many on the forum routing for her and saying prayers! Maybe her seeing these special notes will give her the strength to fight this. I glued them on to different colors of construction paper and she each has a card from everyone of you! Thank-you all so much!
      Please keep the prayers going for her! God Bless!
      Now I am getting on my PJ’s and hitting my couch and not waking up until 5 in the morning! I hope! Good night family! Will let you know tomorrow what happens. I pray dialysis and I pray she improves instantly on it! I know nothing about dialysis! So that will be another experiience that I have no knowledge over!
      Good night family and thank-you to the bottom of my heart your prayers and kindness. I love you all in here! I feel like I have several brother’s and sisters and that is why I call you all my family! I just hope that someday I can be of help to each and everyone of you! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 3:47 pm

      Hang in there Linda. We are all praying for you.
      I understand 100% that you want something to be done to make your mom better, but I would like once again to gently say that it is standard medical care not to rush into dialysis. The reason I say this is I know that you are so upset with the hospital that you want not to listen to them and are not sure whether you can trust them. Usually the decision to do dialysis is not based on the Cr level (which is not really the danger), but on the potassium level or the fluid status of the patient, or sometimes the acid/base balance or a combination of all the whole picture. The body does not tolerate too much potassium and the heart can act up if the K is too high. If a person cannot get rid of enough water, fluid will build up in the lungs and then it is hard to breath well. When fluid starts to build up in the lungs, diuretics are used as long as the person is still making urine.
      There are three kinds of dialysis that I know about–hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and hemofiltration. All require that big tubings be put, usually surgically, into large blood vessels or, for peritoneal dialysis, into the belly. There are risks with doing this as well as the dialysis. Hemodialysis is the most efficience kidney replacement and works fastest, but it is a little hard on a body. Peritonal dialysis is slow and not as good so it has to be done for a longer time and more frequently. It works well eventually and is gentler, but is not for everyone. Hemofiltration is used only in the hospital, I think. It is slow cleansing of the blood and has less problems, but also is slower to work and I have seen it done almost continuously in some patients in the ICU when their kidneys have just failed. Sometimes doctors start with one way and then switch to another for the long term if a long term is needed.
      The national Kidney Foundation has a good website for information about kidney failure ([url][/url]) and a good brochure that is not scarey about dialysis is at [url]www.kidney/org/ATOZ/pdf/choosing_treat.pdf[/url].

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2009 at 11:23 pm

      I’ve been away for a the past few days [Medical Hobby Shop] and didn’t see your posts about your mother’s condition. Rest assured that both she and your entire family are in my prayers.

    • Anonymous
      January 26, 2009 at 5:28 pm

      Hello family! Well there has been another turn around and we are hoping this is good and not bad. Her levels again have dropped and the fliud pills they gave her yesterday have stopped the rattling going on in her lungs. Last night after giving the fliud pills she did a turn around and her levels dropped 4/10th’s of a point. Her blood pressure which has been 90/50 and lower which is very low started going back up and this morning it was 130 over something but the nurse said it was looking much better than it has. Saw both doctors this morning except for the Surgeon that did the knee replacement and they did say her levels dropped and she is now showing signs of the kidney’s starting to wake up again. Her hemoglobin has been low and they both feel like now she can have a unit of blood. So they gave her a unit this morning. Her regular doctor wanted to make sure it was safe enough before giving her blood because they don’t want anymore shock to her kidneys. She was still barfing some this morning but that has now stopped and so far the past 6 hours she has not been sick! She has been chewing on crushed ice and it looks like she is finally keeping it down some!
      The only thing that scares me right now is that we saw this a few days ago and then she got bad off again. But her vitals at that time were still all wacky. This morning and so far today her vitals are actually showing improvement. The Nephrologist is going to keep running test on her today and see how her levels are tomorrow. Since her levels dropped he feels as if her kidneys are trying to wake up and function again. But wants to make sure and will let us know tomorrow if the levels are still dropping. If they are still dropping during the next 24 hours then we know her kidneys are waking up. And then he said that if that happens she will finally be out of the danger zone and will have a chance to get well. Once this happens then there is pretty much nothing the hospital can do that the nursing home rehab can’t for her and they are going to transport her by ambulance to that rehab and hopefully we can finally go from there and see her getting well again. So we might be finally getting past this horrible experience and on to a better road of recovery.
      The only thing then we will have to worry about is her starting to walk again. And being able to walk! But it’s beginning to look like some prayers are getting answered. I am so afraid of getting my hopes up and afraid to get excited here! Going to wait until tomorrow first and once he tells us she is out of kidney failure then I will celebrate then. I want it to be completely official before I get excited again! So right now we are just waiting for that 24 hours to get here and praying nothing else happens between now and then. If we get past that and see dropped levels. Then we are starting our first steps to recovery! I hope this happens! Keep those prayers for they sure did work last night! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      January 26, 2009 at 6:37 pm

      Sounds like a bit of good news in the right direction for your mom.
      I hope this is the turn around toward the road to recovery for her.

    • January 27, 2009 at 8:56 am

      Linda, Sorry I’ve been out for the last week when you’ve really been going through the wringer. I am sending prayers up for you and your mom. Sending cyber hugs your way as well. Lord, give Linda strength and encouragement and please protect and heal Linda’s mom.


    • Anonymous
      January 27, 2009 at 10:06 pm

      Lord am I beat! It was all I could do today to get through the hospital hallways today. I had my walked with me and just did not have the strength to take the wheelchair out of the car. I only use the wheelchair when I have to walk long distances. And so far this past week I was doing good with the walking. But not today! I thought I was going to have a heart attack trying to get down those halls. Huffing and puffing as if I had run a mile! Her levels have dropped some more and the Nephrologist came in around 5 this afternoon and said her kidneys were now awake and the levels are going down for sure! WHEW! Today she did not get sick! Yipeee! All week caring for my mom the best I could I have seen her barf on me a couple of times and everything else! But I am so happy that this afternoon we finally got some good news. I left this morning and got there at 8:30 and just got in the door an 2 hours ago. Placed my pj’s on and good night I am going! Tomorrow she is being transported by ambulance to the Nursing Home Rehab. I have to go there and get her admitted with them and go through consultation. So I have another day of long going.
      My eyes are baggy, my walking stinks right now and I have developed a nasty case of bronchitis from being out in this nasty weather we had last week. The snow I wanted so badly happened on my mom’s surgery date. And I was out in that cold stuff scrapping windshieds at 4 in the morning. Called my doctor today and on the way home I crawled to the pharmacy desk at Walmart and picked up the antibiotic he called in for me. It has been a week of pure living h!
      But I am so glad that my mom is finally turning around. We actually thought she was not going to pull through this over the weekend. She went 6 days straight of doing nothing but barfing non stop and the phenergan did nothing. High fevers, confusion, delirious, could not move her legs or arms, no eating and when she tried she would get sick. And you did not mention food either! That would make her sick. Crackling lungs and fluid build up on top of needing blood and then pain from the knee replacement.
      Today was the miracle I wanted to hear! Her kidneys are waking up! She has dropped another 5/10’s of a point. Her blood pressure was finally stable. Sugar was back to normal!
      Tomorrow she will go to Rehab and they plan on 21 days but they said she might be longer. We are hoping they can build her strength up and get her back to walking again. They got her out of bed today but she was still limp as a dish rag! She’s still very weak! Only thing that worries me is maybe something happened during the surgery and is messed up her nervous system. But they are saying the Creatinine Levels and blood loss could be the cause along with being sick. Technically a combination of everything that happened and they feel she will get stronger and walk again but did say her recovery would be much much slower than the average patient. Tonight she is able to finally stay alone in her room without a family member! I will be with her tomorrow and if she does okay! I am staying home the next day and resting. I’m pooped!
      Now all I have to pray for is to see her walking again! I don’t even care if it’s 5 baby steps. That is something that will make me happy seeing!
      Thank-you so much family! Your prayers really helped and my mom now has her kidney’s waking up. Me on the other hand! I am so doofy right now I can’t even think straight. So I am going to hit that pillow and hope I pass out and get a full nights sleep! God bless each and everyone of you for the prayers and support.
      You know what family! After seeing what my mom went through with knee replacement surgery! Well! If my knees kick out! They won’t get me in surgery! I already use a wheelchair half the time anyway because of the nerve damage. If my knee dies! Then I’m just going to let the knee die! LOL! I know my mom had problems but even watching the normal patient that did not have problems trying to walk down the halls and moaning the way they were. Forget that!!! I don’t think sooo! Well I best hit my pillow! I’m afraid I might fall sleep at my computer like I did the other night to wake up an hour later and see I was in the middle of typing and that was not good! So to bed I go! Hugs
      Linda H