update after surgery

August 15, 2007 at 2:42 pm

My mom had her surgery one week ago today…on 8-7-07. They removed the lobe and the tumor was larger than expected. They also removed lymph nodes.

She is still in the hospital and they cannot get her oxygen controlled. She is now wearing a mask and they told us today the next step will be a ventillator.
She has been confused and hallucinating. She has a UTI on top of everything else. She told the dr’s that they are holding her hostage there.
She had a CT scan this morning and we are waiting for results. They suspect pnumonia or possibly a blood clot.
The pathology report has told us that the cancer is stage IIB and spread to the lymph nodes. The doctor said they removed it all…but, being that it did spread to the nodes, I know that isnt good.

It is so hard to see her this way. I am with her as much as I can be. They give her breathing treatments and her whole head shakes afterward like she’s got Parkinsons.

We have cleaned her house and shampooed her carpet so when she does come home, her house will be nice and clean and fresh.

I have to get back to work and i am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

thank you for your continued prayers.