Two issues here? Which came first? Chicken or egg?

March 12, 2010 at 7:18 pm

Meaning cancer or CIDP?
In your case IF your CIDP preceeded the detection of cancers, it’s likely but not always a ‘paraneoplastic’ neuropathy. Doesn’t change treatment approaches tho.
In my own case, it’s likely but never to be proven as key cancer testing prior to my diagnosis of CIDP were not done. And the BC showed up less than 2 years after the CIDP onset. And before CIDP diagnosis. I’ve copies of 98% of all the tests to show that aspect. Not to mention the odds of it happening? They are so very, very small.
[url][url] Is a great site about a heap of research that’s been done and is still being done in this quarter. This is the pertinent research about Paraneoplastic neuropathies that mite be relevant. [url][url]. I find it interesting that Europe is doing a lot of research to put things in perspective.
As I stated before? The odds against it are enormous and usually difficult to prove.
Did you have any chemo or rads for the cancer[s] before numbness onset or did the numbness preced the cancer diagnoses? Either way, hard to assess. as cancers can incubate for about 5-7 years before being detected. Treatments are still the same. I truly wish it were different, and I know how you feel [sort of?] Hope and good things!