Took my mom to the doctor’s today

April 27, 2009 at 5:05 pm

Took my mother to the doctor’s today and this woman came in and she started coughing something aweful! LOL! You should have seen everybody in there. They all at the same time including myself got huge scary bulging eyes and we all looked at her at the same time frame. ROFL! It’s not funny but you would have had to been there to see it! A few people sitting beside her very nicely got up and walked slowly to the other side but looked for a magazine first.
That poor lady! LOL! It dawned on her what we must have all been thinking and then she said ” Gosh has my allergies been acting up with all this pollen! The entire room after she said that looked to have gotten relaxed after she mentioned asthma and allergies! I am even thinking about canceling my doctor’s appt for May 12th. Everybody today looked frightened as heck including myself.
Not going out anymore until I hear this stuff is now controlled. Staying indoors away from it all for now. I think everybody is scared about this new bug!