Time to see a gastrointestinal specialist or a urologist?

September 27, 2009 at 10:59 pm

And, what is the ‘antibiotic’? Some of those a-b’s can create more numbness etc. and have made people worse for their use.
Most of the tests these guys do aren’t well, ‘fun’? BUT, if you’ve got blood in your urine it’s gotta be thoroughly checked out.
I recently lost a lot of ‘control’ following a long surgery and recovery in a rehab… Wearing grown up diapers aren’t a delight, but they can and do save lots of embarrassing situations. I’ve been working on my own to regain it, and am succeeding to a good [tho not all] degree.
I am sure it was all due to the stressors of a possible ‘relapse’, injuries, and a long surgery. It takes a while for your body to either find or re-find it’s balance. Should it become more permanent? I dunno. But, for me? I’m working lots better after three months.
Learn, ask questions and be persistent! Hope and good things soon! Just be a bit more patient….