Time Out

August 4, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Chugging & chugging along, coff…coff
The ole motor gives a murmur and a rumble now and then
Just a little tremor to let me know it’s there
A little warning to ease up a bit, just to be fair

And if that’s not enough, then pain is increased
Tho not enough yet to render one deceased
Just enough to impede, and to impart
A little wisdom to the brain that runs the heart

So much to do, and yet so little time
But when all is said and done, what is it worth?
Those hours of pain and striving to achieve
A greater or lesser gain undertook.

When rest is what’s required, be it so
And let the chores and other activities go
Get into the huddle that enables one to find
The needed bodily comfort and peace of mind.

A day or two in bed, on patio…is fine
Just what is right for all these woes of mine
No need to labor to go on a vacation
When one’s own bed provides a great stay-cation.

And let there be popcorn, lemonade, a good book
Some music and soft light in my little nook
The phone is off the ringer; doorbell ignored
While I gain in restoration from the Lord.

Source: Psalm 23