This too shall pass

March 23, 2010 at 9:46 pm

I can identify with your lack of interest. When I had GBS the first time, it was fairly mild (that is an oxymoron for GBS). It did not take a toll on my body like it did twenty years later when I got it much worse. I remember telling my doctor that I had no interest or desire…meaning that even looking at Armand Assante did nothing!! It was scary. There was No one on the planet that I found attractive or wanted to be with. This doctor was one of the doctors that Suzanne Somers writes about in her book…(not in the latest one on Cancer) He said that it would return. It did..about a year or two later. MOving to FLorida helped!! We GBS sufferers have gone through a devastation to our body. especially the nerves. I think it hits home more if you use its nickanme “French POLIO.” I actually saw that term in a book. Had I known that during m second bout, I would have been more scared….
Good luck….it will come back…..could it possilby be a medication you are taking?