this is the place

February 8, 2007 at 3:25 pm

This is the place to vent and ask questions. I was on the vent 13 days and they put me in a drug induced coma actually. I’m told I was in restraints even though I couldn’t move from my neck down. The CCU stay was 4 weeks then inpatient rehab hospital 4 weeks. I was in CCU because ICU was full, and I’m glad because I got excellent care in the CCU. If only the doctors would come to this website and study the experiances of actual patients . I was very lucky , my neurologist as soon as he looked at me he said GBS but had to runn a zillion tests to rule everything else out, but he began treating me for GBS right then. I hallucinated for 3 weeks, in high defination! Actually I remember more of the crazy stuff than the reality. Just keep reading and educating yourself and try and share with your doctor as often as you can.
Prayers are sent your way.