That’s okay Shirley!

September 2, 2008 at 7:25 pm

Hi Shirley! Well if you don’t eat red meats then taking the B-6 would probably be okay. Kimberly! That books sounds really interesting! But I’m not in my 20’s anymore and could sure use a Wrinkle Cure! 😀 I would probably be offended by the title too if I was 20! But being in my later 40’s, I think any kind of wrinkle cure for me would do me justice. Might see if I can find the book! Thanks!
Hey Shirley! One way to make sure the B-6 is not causing you problems is when you see your doctor and it’s time for your regular labs again, I would ask him to check your B-6 Levels just to make sure that you are getting enough. If you get a phone call telling you to stop taking it, then you will know why!
In fact, any of us that take long term medications, it would be a good idea to have your B-12 checked every now and then. The Intrinsic Factor test. Believe me! It will save you alot of headaches later down the road if your body decides it wants to reject B-12. Especially those of us that are taking long term medications. Especially prednisone! It’s a miracle drug but does have it’s side effects.
I went for almost a year with my B-12 all messed up and my doctors were checking me for Lupus. Thinking it was my Lupus acting up. Then my regular decided to send me to see a neurologist. She found the B-12 issue! I was going nuts too! Knew something was wrong and thought it was my Lupus also! That time it wasn’t my Lupus.
The one bad thing I learned about having Lupus is other things can happen to your body besides Lupus. Other diseases can kick in at any time and mimic the disease you already have.
And what did I do? I went to my doctor telling him my Lupus was flaring! LOL! Not even thinking I would get a B-12 problem! The older you get the more stuff you get! And boy is that true!