That Is One Good

September 24, 2007 at 8:21 pm

sort of ‘pay-back’!!!! You give, you get back…sometimes with ‘interest’, the kind you never thought or expected…What a bonus!
Docs offices can take a while to get the right home service and all, or even set it up at a hospital…the paperwork I’ve found for this stuff from insurance companies is extensive, and every participant [pharmacy, doc’s office, hospitals, nursing services] all have to be coordinated so the ‘papperwork’ flows to each responsible persons’ satisfaction.
ONCE YOU ARE IN the systems tho…it’s all thrusters at warp factor 10! Then it goes so fast it can make you dizzy! Just be cool and as informed about it as you can be!
As for wheelchairs? I’ve been avoiding or in denial about that prospect for quite a while..The two winters w/leg and foot fractures have taught me differently tho. However that all means the dreaded words HOUSE REMODEL! as the chair doesn’t go in or out of some doors easily nor the steps into and out of the house. I am trying fiercey to stay as ‘mobile’ as I can…tho it’s not pretty it’s working? On bad days tho…I sure do WISH! Good deal!