thanks Sue

November 28, 2009 at 3:48 pm

Thanks Sue and Pam, Deb, Jim, limekat and Jojo!

I guess I’m gonna have to find a way to try forearm crutches… without buying?

I live in a very rural local and just got back from a walk with my dog and the neighbor dog. I was wishing for my trekking poles but I had left them in the trunk of my car, which my daughter is borrowing for the holiday wkend. I wore my hiking boots which I have found give my a nice stiff walk, which I now find helpful. I had a good walk today. Weak on the uphill, and sweaty but really quite reasonable. I think the poles would have helped with my balance and climb, but still I did well.

My legs felt weak and a bit unsteady earlier today and I was exhausted from holiday overdo, so I took the day slow. I was able to pull it together and improve the messages to my legs and balance by spending a bit of time bouncing on my rebounding trampoline.

I have continued to find the rebounder excellent to increasing my balance and strength. It even makes a difference if I only am on it for 3 minutes a couple of times a day, gentle bouncing without having my feet leave the mat. I share this in case it make sense for others. I bought a rebounder without a handle, but I will buy the add-on handle if I find my balance diminish more.