Thanks Julie!

March 20, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Thanks for the update! It is really encouraging that you are sticking with this. I was surprised that the Hizentia does not require refridgeration. The top shelf of my fridge is now free! I will be starting on Wednesday so I will post and share with everyone.


Thanks, Julie!

February 12, 2010 at 11:42 am

Thanks, Julie, for all that. I’m humbled that you took the time, and abuse :p , to write all that to me!

I like your positive attitude about “the flip side” of symptoms…although, I have to admit, some days it’s pretty hard to see a “good side”. 😮

It sounds like our symptoms are very similar, although mine aren’t as bad as yours were originally. I’ve not completely lost anything yet; my goal is to “NOT” get to that point before someone decides to take all of this seriously. It infuriates me when a doctor says, “Well, we have to wait until it gets worse, so we can be sure…” They wouldn’t say that if THEY had cancer or an infection…they’d want it taken care of right away!! So why the double standard??

I have to consider your statements about “sensory overload”. I’ve kind of wondered about that; it seems like just a hectic schedule or busy day can send things into overload. I’m still learning and getting used to all this. I’m also still fighting my “male ego” and learning how to make myself rest when needed. I HATE that, though! This past week, my wife was painting our laundry room, because, honestly, I couldn’t. There was no way. But it drove me nuts…I kept “should”-ing on myself. “I should be in there helping”…”I should be doing that”…blah, blah, blah. I think a counselor could help me with that.

Ahhh…Brachial Plexus pain. You explained it very well; I actually printed out your post for my wife. Mine, when I’m not taking pain meds, is horrible. And that’s NOT an exaggeration. I’ve told many doctors that it feels like someone hit me, as hard as they could, right between my shoulder blades with a baseball bat….yesterday. You know what I mean? Not the “instant” screaming pain, but a terrible, deep, aching pain that runs all the way through my shoulders, down my arms, and into my hands. On their lovely “1-10” scale, I usually rate my BP pain between a 7 and an 8. Without meds, I cannot focus on anything…my mind is constantly distracted by the pain.

What you said about lotions was interesting, too. This winter is my first with these symptoms, and I’ve wondered if my dryness had anything to do with it. My hands have always been dry in the winter, and I’ve never been a big “lotion” guy, but I’ve had to make serious changes this year. Early on, my hands got SO red and painful, and then they started to bleed. Just cracking and bleeding…I hadn’t scraped them or bumped them. It also effected my face…basically any exposed skin. I now use lotion several times a day, have STOPPED using AntiBacterial Gels (they’re almost all alcohol and made things worse), and even bought a Parafin Bath for my hands. Man, that feels good! My mom used to have one, because of her RA, and I used it once; when this all started I checked into them…some are very inexpensive.

Again, I appreciate all you have to offer, and look forward to talking to you again. It sounds like you’ve been down the same path I’m starting. Thanks again for your help.

To those that PM’d me…please be patient…I want to respond, but it’s been a hard week between symptoms and a difficult boss. 😡 I’ll try and respond this weekend!

Best to All,


Thanks Julie

September 17, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Thanks Julie for the inforamtion! Not sure what they are planning on giving me but I printed this out just in case I need it for reference! Thanks!:D