Thanks FDA

December 30, 2008 at 11:00 am

I am with you on this one! I don’t know how some of these drugs get through. For most general population, people have not a clue about or what GBS is and I am sure when they hear of it on the TV ads they just think “well, I haven’t, so it must be ok.” (similar to what I felt like when I previously got the flu shot…GBS in small print or coughed under the nurses breath upon signing consent…really?) Well, that is just ridiculous! Shame on the pharm. companies and the government. I know physicians say that every vaccine has it’s risks and one must need to outweigh the pro’s and con’s. However, let’s do more education and research first. For those of us who have had GBS (no matter how severe or light the case was) or know somone who has, and cases seem to be on the rise, who would volunteer themselves or their kids for that risk? I know of a state where they are mandating that college students are vaccinated for menigitis…Menactra I believe, and they will not accept students without it. Really? That just seems so wrong. Especially when the TV ads even declare that Menactra may not work for everyone. So, let’s take the risk and hope it works for someone and it does or doesn’t and let’s set them up for GBS? I THINK NOT! Sorry, just need to vent a bit. From someone who had a severe case of GBS…I wouldn’t advise anyone to put themselves more at risk then living life itself as a virus alone can send the spiral of one’s own immune system.

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