Thank-you Cathy!

August 21, 2008 at 8:06 pm

Thank-you Cathy! My two little babies there are a mess in this world. Hana the smallest one is a cat bird! LOL! Into everything and likes to pick on Haley! Can’t keep still a minute. But both are very loving and so sweet. They are spoiled rotten! Everytime they get to come and spend the night with me and my husband they know we take them to Walmart and Haley loves pretty clothes. I end up buying them new stuff everytime. I can only keep them 1 night but would love to have them more often. My illness gets in the way. I have to wait until I feel good then call my daughter and let her know I am wanting them a night. She brings them to me and picks them up the next day. Summer is better keeping them because they get in the pool and play outside giving me better entertainment. In the winter, I have to have the cartoons ready! Thanks for the compliment!