Tavern Details

November 17, 2008 at 8:39 pm

😉 well welcome back everyone to the tavern. Jan, Stu, and Holley are our official bartenders. I helped a bit, then Jan took over. Relax by the water, you can get your nails polished, a meassage, aromatic therapy, come in for a swim or sit in the jocuzzi, shoot some pool or darts. or check out our tunneles where all our races are started at,.Check out Norb’s winery too. Lots to do at the tavern , we als o have a horse that we put in fruittrees and wheat for him plus fruit trees for the tavern for garnishes. And you can set by the water in those low chairs and let the water just wash over youf feet. We try to have live entertainment every weekend and tunnel races. Things have been slow laterly with Jim and Norb gome and the symposium, so pretty soon you’ll realize the tavern has becomme a resort. Two or three levels of bars. Welcome to the tavern. Drinks are on the house. Stu is one heck of a chef and Jan finds the coolest drinks for specials–Holly is helping Jan finesse her skills in flipping bottles. I dug the tunnels and Canada and I have most of them painted. Maybe Veronica will be back with her friends. Will have to have a big party when everyone is back–is that ok with everyone?