June 12, 2006 at 10:03 pm

Ok boyz listen up.
Word is them fellers that live above the manson nixon line is havin a car race. Winner gets, ah,, 50 dollars. *exclamations all around* Heres the plan.
We take the hauler, tune it up a bit, Fill up the shine tank. That way we can switch over to shine when we run outta gas. Everyone else will have to stop and gass up. We won’t have to make a gass stop. Then we put a little weed under the seat for the ride up there. When We get there, we put on some country music, pass out a few fat splifs, and most of em will forget what they are there for in the first place. Shucks, wet em with a water hose, they will think they at woodstock .*laughs**time traveler*
*everyone cheers for soapy*
Winner Tennessee….
known world wide for its
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and Weed.
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Git er done!