Stomach Pains and headaches

October 7, 2006 at 12:36 am

Mason has had stomach pains since the very beginning. Wed, we saw a Gastrologist. She did an Xray, he was blocked. We did the 8-8oz of Miralax in 24hr period. It has helped the pain, but not totally. They keep saying his stomach pains and headaches are not from the CIDP. He never had this problem before. His symptoms are worse for about four days everytime he has a treatment. He is on Neurotin, Amitriptyline?, Tylenol/COD, Myrlax, Levsin,cyproheptad.

I have decided I am going to ask his doctor to try the three rhosevlin-(spelling) shots. The doctor did admitt it could be possible the shots could have helped the disease from showing up earlier. I have read some doctors give the strong doses of meds with the IVIG and it has a good result.