Still weak, but not quite as painful…

September 3, 2008 at 10:18 am

🙂 Thanks you guys for the great encouragement! Shirley, I think your right about the age vs recovery thing.. I almost declined to take the pain meds yesterday, due to gbs concerns, but so far I’m really glad I took them.. I don’t think I’d of gotten any sleep last night..
I’ve been getting a little more uninterrupted rest with less pain today, and plan to take it real slow…
Hi Ron.. Its good to hear from you.. Don’t ya think its more than coincidence we are meeting people all the time that share our “rare” conditions..
Hi Linda.. Yes I’m going to be very watchful for any nerve related issues stemming from this..
Thanks Debs….Hope you have a good healthy ivig kick… I was scheduled tommorrow and friday, but I’m really gonna try to push it back into next week unfortunately…
Jan… Hope the haying weather is cooperating, or you are able to take a break from it.. Yesterday, a line of thunderstorms came thru Minnesota, and about noon I was just coming out of sleep… Those boomers shook the building, and the power was flickering in surgery.. I was glad my surgery was done!
Well, I’m gonna rest…..Here’s hoping you guys have a great day!