sourdough "yum..yum"

August 10, 2009 at 4:53 pm

[QUOTE=Dick S]I baked 3 loaves of sourdough bread yesterday, I gave one to a scout who is working on his Eagle project (He always liked my sourdough bread), and another loaf to a young man who helped me get some yardwork done.

I ate the third loaf myself. yum..yum..[/QUOTE]

Yes, indeed yum-yum! 😀

I did send you an e-mail, Rick. If you would deign give out your recipe for the sourdough bread … and for the starter … oh my, would I ever be delighted!

Had starter that lasted a couple years. Even made sourdough on campsite. Recipe probably got eliminated in a move. Have never found my recipe for the starter.

I’m relatively recently officially diagnosed with CIDP … couple years. It’s not easy getting my family to realize that mom/mor-mor isn’t able to do everything she used to be able to do — at least not as easily nor as quickly.

But what the heck … I’ll bake sourdough and get even fatter … and love it! I do “play in the dirt” at my daughter’s house. And I do what is called Swedish Weave. Gotta’ keep on keeping on, y’know?