So sorry Jerimy…

December 20, 2006 at 10:06 pm

Hey jerimy,

I’m thinking misery loves company, dude. Cuz I ‘ve got a !@#% Broken Foot too. After falling twice in 2 days this past summer and rolling over my left ankle, I finally went to the podiatrist last week and she sent me for Xrays and an MRI. Found out at 3:45 today that it is a Jones fracture with torn ligaments and other soft tissue damage. I walked around on it in a compression bandage for the last 6 months thinking it would get better…not.

So glad you had the sense to go sooner.
She said the fracture would eventually heal and shot me up with cortisone with analgesic in. Man this puppy is sore tonight but I can but my full weight on it again. Oh and I get to wear the pretty blue shoe. (That’s the reason I didn’t want to go in, absolutely hate the pretty blue shoe)

And you are right about the steroids and bone density, I didn’t know that until my new PCP asked me last year about how much and how long I had taken them. Immediatley scheduled a bone density, take Fosamax and extra calcium daily now.

Here’s hoping you heal fast so you can chase the women again!!!!