similar type occurance

October 2, 2008 at 9:46 am

I have had this sort of disorientation occur with me many times. I would imagine each person describes it differently. With me, I suddenly feel odd followed by a few seconds of “what is this” then a bit of anxiety attack.
Next, a panic occurs because of a sensation like this is uncomfortable.
Then it goes away. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to get my bearings straight. What I found in my particular case is that fluid accumulates in my inner ear during allergy season. It is so severe, a type of not vertigo but, like
Someone else said, a reset sensation occurs, brain fart so to say. If it is accompanied by any light dizzyness or imbalance, and occurs relatively frequently and more so when tired or later in the day
Try a decongestant, you may be suprised. It all goes away after the freeze
For me. What I have mentioned may not be a match but it sounds close.
See ya