shingles on both sides

March 7, 2008 at 8:50 pm

It gets me angry when doctors tell their patients stupid things like your doctor told you about HIV. You are getting Shingles moire often because you have the latent (sleeping/dormant) virus and your immune system is not keeping it in tow at those times when you get it. When I got shingles after I got home from backpacking through 10 countries in Europe alone one summer, the dermatologist said I had fleas and prescribed flea powder. That was when I realized that I should be suspicious of some doctors. I have not had shingles since 1976. When I got it, it started behind my right ear and then went down in a line to the top of my right breast. Each day a hive would show up following the nerve endings there. Then it went directly across to my left side of my chest and then up towards my left ear. It was not painful because I was taking vitamin C – just not enough. Lysine would also help. If the hives are still there, you are not taking enough. It is so simple. As for HIV, it is just an immune system that is not strong enough to fight the diseases that are under the umbrella of AIDS. It started out with four diseases that were considered to be AIDS – then they kept adding diseases so it appeared that AIDS was growing. Peter Duesberg has written the best book on it. After you read it, you will not fear it and will know the truth about it.