Reply To: Waiting for the other shoe to drop?

December 31, 2012 at 6:05 am

Working on it every day.  I am lucky in that I started running about 3 years ago.  Before Marshall got sick I had run a couple half marathons.  I am trying to keep it up.  Signed up for another one in May next year.

But, I don’t feel like I am the same happy person I was before.  I really feel this has changed me a lot.  I wonder if other care givers feel that way.  He is working a couple hours here and there, but he is on disability.  So, now I have the burden of feeling like it is all on me.  If something happens to me,  what will happen.  He is doing absolutely wonderful.  But since he was an electrician, he really cannot go back to that work.  Having numb fingers isn’t really good when you work with electricity.

So, I guess I feel a lot of weight.    I think you pegged it when you said it is a struggle, every day.