Reply To: "Today I Ran"

March 4, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Hey Fetterman, you can call me what you want, friend! I’m loving your ‘never say die’ mentality! You gotta tough this demon out!

The guitar-playing is coming along, thanks for asking. Physically, I still struggle to get the hands doing what the brain tells them to. But I have learned a lot by having to improvise and adapt. I’m making better use of some of my effect pedals and have been able to put together some cool tones and grooves. Right now, I’ve been jamming on Stevie Wonder’s Superstition and Soundgarden’s Spoonman with some of the young musicians involved in this year’s charity concert. Lotsa fun jamming with young, energetic and enthusiastic youngsters!

I also streamlined some of my equipment. I realize I wont be gigging any time soon so I traded away my main amplifier for this sweet vintage Yamaha SG. This new toy helped keep the interest alive, plus it checks off a long time want for one of these babies!

My drummer has been going through all kinds of awful stuff as well, cancer and then a hernia because he didn’t heal properly. Then, because he was self-employed, he went broke and finally, he lost his house. But we still rock on, it’s in our DNA. I promise you backstage passes for some future event, but you may need to travel to the local dive to collect! Actually, we want to start doing charity gigs, hoping that we can start and more importantly, end our gigs at a reasonable time. I have a hard time seeing us packing up amidst the drunks at 2 AM! Here’s a clip we recorded last summer before his last surgery, he’s just starting to get behind the kit.

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