Reply To: Social Security Disability

September 26, 2013 at 9:01 pm

Spencer, you did not mention what country or state/providence you are from and these kinds of benefits vary widely between government agencies. In the USA, to my knowledge, Social Security does not pay partial or short-term disability benefits. It is usually the state or private insurance that covers temporary disability.

For instance, in my State of California I had a freak work related knee injury (while flying to a job site) that required surgery then time off work to heal. My employer and I had been paying for the California Disability Insurance via payroll deductions. This arrangement, and the fact that my injury was work related, allowed me to get all the medical bills covered along with compensation for lost wages.

I will assume you have some form of GBS-CIDP or you wouldn’t be posting in this forum. I think it might be difficult to link the cause of your disability to work, if that may be needed to process a claim.

Maybe if you gave us a little more background we might be able to provide more specific ideas, suggestions.