Reply To: Social Security Disability

September 24, 2013 at 8:19 pm

This is a duplicate of I post I recently made under another topic, but it is more appropriate for this topic –

Qualifying for disability is not always an easy task for many of us. I was denied when I first applied and again on my first protest. I used paid help from a person who had experience dealing with Social Security disability to help improve my chances of getting approved. Finally on my third (grievance complaint) attempt, that was conducted via a phone interview with an agent from SSA, I was granted disability.

I tried to make disability coverage retro-active to when I became disabled with GBS/CIDP, but they wouldn’t do that and I lost several months of income. I found out later they no longer grant retro-active disability coverage.

Start with the on-line application to help speed things up a bit: There is a lot of red tape involved in filling and you will have to gather documents, and then wait for their large wheels to slowly turn before you receive a response.

I would advise filing right away for disability and being persistent in the face of rejection.