Reply To: its been 3.5 years and checking in.

May 17, 2012 at 6:32 am

Probably. CIDP can have varying rates of progress (or deterioration). Mine was very slow also. t took years. Your symptoms sound like CIDP, so if you were diagnosed, it has probably progressed. I would like to offer a suggestion or two so you may avoid some of the pitfalls I went through by not knowing. My CIDP continued to progress and then it took off and I am on disability now. this does not mean that your fate will mirror mine. But, I could have done some things to better my chances and I did not. FIRST. Remember that STRESS can be the greatest aggravator of your symptoms. Your immune system is affected by how you act and feel. If your stress levels are higher, the odds of CIDP worsening are greater. Stay active, but don’t go overboard. Do what you can and stay stretched out. Stay happy. Your state of mind influences everything.Focus on your family and keep love alive. Love and friendship is the greatest positive emotion we have. These will help you maintain.

Dick S